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7,400 Reasons Why I Love My Job

7,400 Reasons Why I Love My JobSubmitted by Joe O’Hehir, CEO Whistlestop

When it comes to seniors aging in Marin, it is important to support activities and events that allow older adults to thrive during the later stages of their lives. When it comes to loving my job, I always find listening to seniors’ stories is both inspiring and encouraging. i am completing my seventh year as CEO for Whistlestop, and like our members, I too am thriving and loving my job.

What’s not to love? I get to work with an incredible staff of over 175 dedicated people who day in and day out provide valuable human needs and services to Marin’s older adults and individuals with disabilities. Whether someone needs a rids, a meal, social connection, or in formation and assistance, our caring staff is there for them. I admire our staff’s patience and compassion for each and every member we serve; they are all truly inspirational. I’m fortunate to be able to call them my co-workers.

Whistlestop is blessed to have over 1990 active volunteers who support our efforts to ensure that every adult in Marin has the opportunity to age with dignity, independence, and grace.

The majority of our volunteers are themselves older adults helping their fellow older adults thrive in our community. Whether it is serving a lunch at Jackson CAfe, delivering meals to home-bound individuals, driving someone to their doctor’s appointment, handing out food at our brown bag pantry, teaching a class, leading a group activity, or manning the Information and Assistance desk, Whistlestop’s volunteers are always there for our clients with a helping hand and a smile on their face. We would not be able to help the 7,500 members we serve without the over 16,000 donated volunteer hours from this very special group of individuals.

One of the best things I love about my job is having the opportunity to personally thank the thousands of donors who support Whistlestop’s mission.

The ranks of Whistlestop donors have grown significantly during the past five years. Without the generous financial support from the community we would not be able to manage the growth in demand for Whistlestop’s services. An increasing number of older adults are able to thrive in our community thanks to the generosity and support of our donors.

Most importantly, I love my job because I get to interact with some amazing and inspirational older adults who are Whistlestop participants. When I’m having a particularly challenging day at the office, I can walk around our Active Aging Center and experience the thriving environment.

I may observe a lively Zumba class and feel the energy. Then I’ll drop by the computer lab and watch a young adult helping an older adult learn how to use an iPad. I also Like to eaves drop on one of our many multicultural group activities and listen to the many languages spoken. There is laughter and engagement throughout the center and it is invigorating.

Love my job? You bet I do. I can count 7,400 reasons every day.

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