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Vivalon '69

In 1954, a grass roots community group decided to band together to make sure their elders were not forgotten. This was before the time of senior centers, considerations for people with disabilities, or specialized transportation. They started the Marin Senior Coordinating Council (aka Vivalon), a charitable senior-focused organization formed with the intention of providing programming, advice and administrative services to organizations working to better the lives of older adults.

In 1968, the first volunteer-based ride service began with one vehicle, a stepping stool to help folks into the vehicle, and a commitment to help one another. These simple acts of kindness have blossomed through the years and now Vivalon provides over 400,000 rides annually, with city-based shuttles and paratransit services for those who are not able to use public buses.

Today, Vivalon has a vibrant, active aging center with a full schedule of services and activities. We are the largest nonprofit serving older adults in Marin County!

The original vision of the community group formed in 1954 has come true—not only are the older adults in Marin County not forgotten, but we are helping them stay connected, active and engaged in life to their fullest ability.”

-Joe O’Hehir, CEO


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