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Bay Area Life Segment

Would you help?

CarePool Needs Volunteer Students Like You!

Volunteer for CarePool While Your Kids are in School!

CarePool is Looking for Retiree Volunteers Like You!

On the Vivalon Bus with Virginia

Faces of Vivalon

Enjoy this short video of our friends from around Vivalon and more.

Please enjoy this heart-warming video made by our in-house staff.

Meals on Wheels PSA

See Richard Gere’s connection with and respect for older adults in this touching video.

Linda the Meals on Bicycle Wheels Driver

Vivalon Flash Mob

Rock the Ages Chorus

With great pleasure we welcomed the Rock the Ages Chorus this past summer. 

Sunny Hills Services PSA

Watch this charming video for an understanding of how important these Marin County services are to our community. You will be moved by this message of hope as were those who attended the Valentine Ball in January, 2013. Are you in?

Meals on Wheels – Delivering peace of mind every day

For more than half a century, Meals on Wheels has served as a vital lifeline by delivering meals to housebound adults throughout America. Here in Marin County, Vivalon delivers fresh, chilled meals up to three times each week to more than 250 housebound older adults in our community.

Marin County VITA Tax Volunteers

Enjoy this brief video highlighting the wonderful volunteers that help prepare low income tax returns at Vivalon and other locations throughout Marin County.

ABCs of Transportation, Volunteer Driver Program

Raphal Kranz, Volunteer Driver Program

Selling property? New, Zero-Cost Way to Support Vivalon

We’re partnering with My Broker Donates to help you generate a big donation for Vivalon–at zero cost to you–the next time you sell. Here is a testimonial from our CEO, Joe O’Hehir about his experience selling his parents home using My Broker Donates.

Marin Valentine’s Ball

Hear how the Marin Valentine’s Ball has raised awareness and support for charitable organizations that, benefit children, families, and older adults in need throughout the North Bay. This year’s proceeds benefited the North Bay Children’s Center, Sunny Hills Services, The Godmothers of the Timothy Murphy School for Boys, and Vivalon.

TAM Listening Tour 2010

The Vehicle Registration Fee is an annual fee paid to the State based on the age and value of each vehicle you own.