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Aging in Marin

In Marin we take care of our seniors.Marin is the wealthiest county in California. Yet nearly a quarter of our older adults are living in poverty.

They need meals, rides, classes, community. That’s where Whistlestop comes in.

We’re the largest Marin organization serving older adults. For sixty-two years, we’ve been helping people age with grace, dignity and independence.

We offer six to eight fun classes a day, five days a week. We serve over 8,300 meals each month. We provide more than 400,000 rides each year.

Soon, we will have more residents over the age of 60 than under 15. The demand for our services continues to grow 8-10% each year and we need our community’s support more now than ever.

In Marin we take care of our seniors.
We appreciate your support!


Aging In Marin