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Using iPhone/iPad and Android Smart Phones & Tablets

Using iPhone/iPad and Android Smart Phones & TabletsIn this class, we will take you through common tasks like making phone calls, sending a text message, watching a video clip on YouTube, and surfing the Web. You’ll learn fundamentals such as configuring the security options for safe and private use, finding and installing apps, adjusting the brightness of the display, working with a wireless network and more. See how smart your device really is! Call 415-456-9062 for more information.

iPhone/iPad and Android Smart Phone & Tablet Applications

iPhone/iPad and Android Smart Phone & Tablet ApplicationsYou’ve learned the basics and now want to find out the applications “apps” the cool kids are using. There are apps for everything. In this workshop, we’ll highlight the most popular, fun and useful apps to get the most out of your i-device. Call 415-456-9062 for more information.

Intro to Computers (Windows)

Intro to Computers (Windows)Start at the very beginning and get an overview of what a personal computer can do for you, in this hands-on course. Designed for first-time computer user, you will learn how to start your computer and turn it off, use the mouse and keyboard to perform basic computer tasks, use Windows components to create and print a document, identify the basic parts of a computer and their use, search the Internet to find information and set up an email account. Call 415-456-9062 for more information.

Senior Connect

Senior ConnectTechnology 4 Life is offering a workshop for seniors who want to learn to use iPads and tablets and what they can do on the internet. No device? No problem! We have iPads and tablets for you to try while we teach you some basics.

Learn how to use the internet to shop without driving or how to catch a bus to the doctor’s office or to the movie theater or where to find answers to personal medical issues. Learn how to use the internet safely and protect your privacy Come join other beginners just like you.

Open Lab

Open LabUse our desktops for your own purposes, access internet, etc. Volunteer staff available for advice on problems with your electronic devices; laptops, tablets, etc., and can help with software applications. Call 415-456-9062 for more information.