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The Faces of Marin’s Active Aging Movement


The Marin Senior Coordinating Council, better known as Vivalon, has a 62-year history ensuring that every
adult has the opportunity to age with grace, dignity and independence by pioneering the “Active Aging” Movement
in Marin.
Today, Marin seniors are facing similar challenges as the seniors of 60 years ago: hunger, isolation and access to
transportation. Vivalon provides solutions to these challenges with an integrated hub of county-wide, special
needs mobility options, including volunteer drivers; nutrition programs like Meals on Wheels; problem-solving referrals and hundreds of daily active aging classes.
Seniors in our community are not a special case. They are people who have invested in our neighborhoods, our retail
centers and our schools by living, working and raising their families here.
Now it’s our responsibility to honor and respect those who have been part of the fabric of Marin for decades by both
paying them back and paying it forward for others who will need these services someday, maybe even you. Please
get involved by visiting to see how you can support Vivalon.

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