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Marin Access ADA Paratransit, operated by Vivalon

Vivalon operates ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) paratransit services on behalf of Marin Transit and the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District. ADA paratransit is transportation for persons, who because of a physical or mental condition are unable to ride public fixed-route transportation such as the local and regional public bus system.

To submit an application for paratransit service, contact a Travel Navigator today at 415-454-0902. Please note that Travel Navigators can only process ADA applications for residents of Marin County. If you live outside Marin County and need assistance, please contact your local paratransit or fixed-route transit provider for eligibility procedures in your area.

Marin Access Catch-A-Ride

What is catch-a-ride?

Marin Access Catch-A-Ride allows Marin residents who are either over the age of 80 *or* 60-80 years old and no longer able to drive to receive discounted rides on taxis and other licensed vehicles within Marin. Catch-A-Ride is a program within the Marin Access Family of Programs.

How does it work?

Marin Access Catch-A-Ride will provide eligible riders with $14 toward each one-way ride you take ($18 for low income riders). Riders will be allowed 8 one-way rides per month.

What will it cost?

When you schedule your ride, the fare will be based on the mileage of your trip. The exact fare you will be required to pay will be communicated you when you schedule. There are no vouchers to keep track of or meters to worry about! Marin Access Catch-A-Ride will take care of all of that for you.

How do I apply for it?

Please call the Travel Navigators department at (415) 454-0902 to apply.

Marin Access Travel Navigators

The Marin Access Travel Navigators coordinate many transportation resources for Marin’s older adults, persons with disabilities and low-income residents. It is a one-stop call center. Marin Access is sponsored by Marin Transit and operated by Vivalon. Call 415-454-0902 to find other transportation options.

STAR and TRIP Programs

The STAR and TRIP volunteer driver programs empower older adults and people with disabilities to remain independent by providing a mileage reimbursement for their friends, neighbors, and other community members who provide them with rides.

STAR and TRIP do not provide a pool of volunteer drivers, but rather allow the rider to find their own trusted driver and provide a mileage reimbursement. A caregiver (IHSS workers qualify), friend or neighbor may be a driver. You can have more than one driver and we encourage you to do so.

Trip purposes are not limited under the STAR and TRIP programs. Participants may receive door to door assistance and companionship for medical appointments, shopping, classes, family visits, or even a meal and a night out.


To qualify you must:

  • Live in Marin County AND
  • Be over the age of 60 OR be under the age of 60 and have been approved for Marin Access Paratransit

Mileage Reimbursement

STAR (East/Central Marin) riders are reimbursed at 35 cents per mile up to 100 miles per month.

TRIP (West Marin) riders are reimbursed 40 cents per mile up to 400 miles per month.


STAR and TRIP riders are responsible for finding their own volunteer and arranging their ride. If you would like assistance identifying potential volunteer drivers, Travel Navigators are available to help you consider your options.

If live in West Marin and need assistance finding a volunteer, West Marin Senior Services (WMSS) is able to help. Once you are determined eligible for the program, call WMSS at 415.663.8148 x 103, to request help finding a ride.

Volunteer Driver Program in West Marin

For information call 415-663-8148 x 103